Interior Design: How To Mix Traditional And Modern Decor

Designer Allison Willson of Sarah Richardson Design discusses how she renovated her home for her young family. See how she preserves the 1906 Edwardian semi’s charm with vintage pieces and modern updates for the perfect mix between old and new.

The home is largely traditional, but playful, contemporary accents liven up the rooms. A statement rug in the living room adds color to the neutral palette, while animal prints offer an unexpected dose of fun in the den. The kitchen features huge brass lights and marble subway tile, and the bathrooms follow suit with a similarly industrial aeshtetic. The most predominent color in the home is soothing grey, and when paired with the plush, comfortable furniture, it creates a space both kids and adults can enjoy.


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Comment (46)

  1. gorgeous! love the mix.
    two questions tho:
    1. what type of greenery does she have on the kitchen/dining table?? it's oversized and lovely and I want some just like it.
    2. the pic above the fireplace in the den.. can somebody please tell me where that picture is from and/or who the artist is?? it's stunning!!

  2. Beautifully done (good job), but this is not a "mix of traditional and modern". I wish people would stop being fast and loose with terminology (especially on titles to capture more clicks) and be more accurate. This is classically traditional.

  3. She has a truly great sense of style, it looks grand -but still cosy, classic but still reflects her own personal style (with little quirks & surprises but overall it oozes comfort). LOVE!

  4. I wonder if House & Home could find out the colour on her office cabinet doors and the colour of the bathroom vanity? I also love the blue grey of the furniture next to the fire place.

  5. This house is really beautiful, and I want to study all of the rooms and their vignettes. One thing I'm confused about, though. She said there was no pattern in the living room other than the rug, but the two chairs have a subtle pattern, and the single chair has an animal print.

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