Beautiful Home Decor Tips for Less Money with Interior Designer Tiffany Harris

You can have a beautiful home whether you have a ton of cash or if you’re on a budget. I’ve learned that from my good friend and interior designer Tiffany Harris. She’s taught me some awesome tips and tricks that we want to share with you in my latest video. Watch and let me know if you have design on a budget tips too!

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  1. I loved this video! One of the things I've always done/collected is purchase odd shaped jelly/jam (strawberry of course!) jars when I'm at the grocery store. When they're empty, I wash them out and clean off the label. Then I use them for parties or holidays for votives or as bud vases. I also have used them to hold cotton balls and q-tips on my vanity! #everydaychicchallenge

  2. So my husband and I are currently remodeling our home and I have been looking for decor and new furniture, but feel lost and overwhelmed sometimes. I love the tips about larger decor and less clutter. I also really like the advice about texture and not going overboard. I will definitely be using the tip to splurge on staple items, like a nice couch that I really love, because the couch I have now is only 3 years old and I'm over it! Thanks for the tips!!

  3. I enjoyed this video! Great tips. I love all of TH suggestions here. I really splurged on my bed for the master bedroom. Its so big and heavy. It can't budge. I have the best mattress that I'm in love with. When I got it I have always splurged on soft silky sheets, pillows galore and my bedding. I love creams & whites on my bed with layers of casual luxury…cotton creamy patterned quilt, cozy soft blanket and thick duvet with light pattern in white. I also love my cream colored fur pillows. Reminds me of a soft polar bear. I love accessories but not many to catch dust.

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